What to Expect

Questions that you probably would like to have answered, but may have been afraid to ask

Most of us are just a little apprehensive walking into a new church for the first time.  Not knowing what to expect usually makes us even more nervous. This page is intended to answer some of the more frequently asked questions, and make your experience a little less intimidating.

What to Expect When You Arrive
Someone will greet you at the door with a handshake and a hello (or something like that).

I'm here...now what?
There are no reserved seats, so sit anywhere you'd like.

What is the service like?
With the exception of “special” services such as an ordination, or some other special emphasis, the first part of the service centers on praise to God through congregational singing, followed by a children's sermon, and some sort of special music.  In addition to traditional hymns, you may hear anything from contemporary to “bluegrass” to classical. During the second half of the service, the pastor will speak. At the end of the service, there will be a “hymn of invitation.” This is the time we invite individuals to make public any decisions they have made for Christ.  

Do I have to get up early?
That depends on your definition of "early". If you're used to getting to work (or classes) between 7 and 9, then 11:00 really isn't too bad.  If you are interested in Bible study, our Sunday school starts at 9:45.

Will I have to give any money?
There is no cover charge and we don't expect a dime from you. You are our guest. The only thing we ask is for you to fill out a card that lets us have a record of your visit.  We promise not to sell your address to any marketers, or to send you any spam.

Do I have to dress up?

In a word, “No.”  On a typical Sunday morning you may see people dressed in everything from shorts and sandals to suits and dresses.

Will I have to stand up in front of people?   

Relax. We won't put you on the spot like that.

Do I have to leave my kids with a stranger?
We have a great team of people that work with the children providing them with a fun and educational experience. However, we understand that you may be hesitant to leave your children the first time you visit. Your children are welcome in our Sunday morning meetings until you feel comfortable leaving them in the child care program.

Still have questions?
Look around our web site for more information or contact us at 919.929.2230 or by

email at  info@abccommunity.com.

If you are looking for a place where you can worship, grow spiritually, and search for answers to lifes questions, then Antioch Baptist Church may just be the place you've been looking for... and we're just down the road. We invite you to visit us in person! 
Wherever you are in life's journey, whatever your status or stage in life, we believe that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. In a culture increasingly marked by rootlessness and isolation, we invite you to come discover friendship, community, and
your true purpose.